When it comes to degree apprenticeship students, there are some definite nuances that aren’t covered in other higher education student interactions.  Many of these lie around the necessity of funding compliance; e.g. checking that students have completed a monthly record of mandated Off-The-Job hours and linked them to Apprenticeship Standards, making sure students have been making process with their English and Maths etc. 

This group exists to provide a community of practice to those who offer academic advising/personal tutoring support to apprenticeship students in higher education.



All Apprenticeship Tutors or those wanting to have exposure to the sector as it grows.


The aims of this Special Interest Group are to:

  • share effective practice
  • build a strong network of tutors and universities bringing together academic and practical learning for apprentices.
  • bring together different perspectives and resources to help each other, leading to research around student/tutor expectations and experiences  specific to apprenticeship students


Picture of Karen Ullman

Karen Ullman

Henley Business School