Nominations Open for UKAT Elections

UKAT will shortly be holding leadership elections and the following positions are available for election:

  • Trustee (2 positions)  

Nominations for election to these positions are now being accepted. Nominees may nominate themselves or may be nominated by other members (with the nominee's approval). Nominations should be made by completing the Election Nomination form and emailing it to nominations@ukat.uk Nominations must include a candidate statement from the nominee which will be used to assist voters in making their decisions. The candidate statement must include 

  • an indication of why the candidate wishes to stand for the post
  • why the candidate feels they are suitable for election to the post
  • what the candidate will bring to, and seek to achieve in the post
  • what the candidate's prior UKAT involvement and achievements have been

Candidates wishing to stand for election are advised to read the detailed role descriptions for the available posts to ensure that they are happy to accept the responsibilities and commitment required by the role.

UKAT is a registered charity and Trustees have legal responsibilities to discharge and bear legal liability for the governance and operation of the charity, so candidates wishing to stand for election as a Trustee should think carefully about whether they are willing to accept these liabilities before being nominated. More information about the role and responsibilities of a charity trustee can be found in the Charity Commission publication The essential trustee: what you need to know, what you need to do and you are strongly encourage to read this before putting yourself forward.  

Nominations must be received by 5:00pm on Friday, 30 April 2021. 

Download Election Nomination form


Eligibility for Election

The following UKAT members are eligible to stand for election to these posts:

UKAT member is eligible to stand for election as a Trustee of UKAT.

We are particularly keen to seek Trustee nominations from senior leaders in higher education and experienced trustees of other charities.