UKAT Professional Development Curriculum

for Personal Tutors and Academic Advisors

Launched in January 2022, the UKAT Professional Development Curriculum provides a range of scaffolded professional development opportunities for personal tutors and academic advisors which enable them to

  • Enhance their personal practice
  • Develop the confidence to perform their role effectively
  • Gain a deeper understanding of the theoretical bases for personal tutoring/academic advising
  • Engage with research evidence and the scholarship of the field

The UKAT Professional Development Curriculum consists of professional learning activities in a variety of formats, including online learning activities and in-person workshops. The time required to engage with learning activities varies depending on the level and format of the activity. Online bite-size learning modules typically require less than an hour of learner engagement, whilst in-person workshops may vary between one and six hours in duration.

Download the Guide

Download our Curriculum Guide to learn more about the UKAT Professional Development Curriculum, including full details of all online learning modules and workshops.

Online Learning Modules

Explore our online module catalogue to view full details of online learning modules.


If you or your institution are UKAT members, you can access some courses for free.

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Explore the full details of the in-person professional development workshops offered through the UKAT Curriculum. Find information about when and where the workshops will run, and book your place to attend.

Professional Recognition

The UKAT Professional Recognition scheme is the pinnacle of UKAT’s scaffolded professional development for personal tutors and academic advisors and offers independent validation of achievement of the competencies of the UKAT Professional Framework.