The purpose of this group is to help personal tutors and academic advisors understand the role and value of using technologies in advising to effectively support students at a distance using synchronous and asynchronous approaches/synchronously and asynchronously.

This community welcomes all, regardless of your confidence in using technology.


For those in the higher education community interested in the use of technology to support academic advising.


The goals of this group are to help members intentionally use technology to enhance students’ learning through:

  • Appreciating the range and application of a range of technology
  • Advocating for equity of access to technology for diverse student populations
  • Removing barriers and making academic advising accessible to all
  • Using technology to engage with students at a distance
  • Encouraging students to focus on their personal and professional development
  • Encouraging tutors to focus on their personal and professional development
  • Choosing the most appropriate technology to meet desired learning outcomes

Forthcoming Events and Activities

Survey of potential members
Initial SIG meeting
Workshop: Engaging students with technology
Workshop: Ensuring students can engage with you
Social media channel
The Power of Storytelling: Creative ideas for personal tutoring in the new normal (mini conference).
Short course: Flipped advising