A Collective Manifesto for the Future of Personal Tutoring

Michael Talbot (University of Greenwich)

Tuesday, April 9, 2024 2:30 PM - 3:15 PM

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Session Outline

UKAT takes pride on being a community of practitioners, but also on being an advocate for centrality of personal tutoring and advising to student success in Higher Education. This session will bring together the members of the UKAT community participating in our annual conference to create together a statement of advocacy and intent around the future of personal tutoring. What do we – academics, professional services staff, students – want personal tutoring and advising to do? What are our aspirations? What does the sector need to do to deliver the best personal tutoring support it can? What do we have to say to people in positions of power, from Vice Chancellors to Secretaries of State, about the transformative power of personal tutoring? In this session, we will collaboratively write our manifesto to help shape the future of personal tutoring in Higher Education.

This session addresses the following competencies of the UKAT Professional Framework for Advising and Tutoring
C1 - Core values of academic advising and tutoring
C4 - Expected outcomes of academic advising and tutoring
P3 - Commit to students, colleagues, and their institutions through engagement in continuing professional development, scholarly enquiry, and the evaluation of professional practices