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M204 Making Effective Referrals




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Online - Self-paced + tutorials

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Academic and pastoral responsibilities are often related as academic problems frequently have a non-academic cause. Most institutions impst boundaries around the personal tutoring role which require tutors to refer students to specialised support services for pastoral and some academic matters. Getting the balance right between pastoral and academic responsibilities is challenging and has an element of risk if a referral to specialised services is not made or completed. Personal tutors will be approached by students for support in relation to their concerns over wellbeing regardless of signposting to more specialised services. If an academic provides ongoing support to a student and this goes wrong, whether there has been a breach of a duty of care will be judged against the standard required of a trained and experienced counsellor and not a well-meaning personal tutor.

This course considers the boundaries between personal tutoring and other support services, and making sure that students are appropriately and effectively supported by making referrals across these boundaries. It explores when and why you should refer or signpost students to other support services and what other institutional support services are available.

What will you learn from engaging in this activity?

·         Identify the appropriate support across a range of contexts and issues

·         Identify the appropriate sources of support in the context of the learner’s institution

·         Understand the importance of making effective referrals in the context of developing tutee autonomy, resilience and in student retention

What key concepts will you understand as a result of engaging in this activity?

Making effective referrals and shifting the onus of responsibility back on to tutees (where appropriate) can help to promote student agency, self-efficacy and resilience

What essential questions will this activity address?

  • Do you know precisely what wider institutional student services are available to support student wellbeing?
  • Do you know precisely how to refer a student to those services and how to close the loop on referral and ensure student safety, satisfaction and support?
Preliminary Learning

Before you engage in this activity, we recommend that you have studied these UKAT Curriculum activities, or attained equivalent experience.

Follow-on Learning
Participating in this activity will prepare you to engage in these UKAT Curriculum activities.
UKAT Professional Framework Mapping

Framework Competencies Addressed


I6. Campus and community resources that support student success


R7. Collaborate effectively with campus services to provide support to students


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