The UKAT Research Committee was established in 2016 as a sub-committee of the UKAT Board with a mission to champion research and evidence-based scholarly enquiry into tutoring and advising in the UK.


The UKAT Research Committee promotes an accessible culture of intellectual curiosity where members engage in purposeful scholarship and research to recognise and explore the value of Academic Advising/Personal Tutoring for the student experience.


In order to accomplish its vision, the Research Committee:

  1. communicates and promotes the value of scholarly inquiry, and supports efforts to conduct and share research
  2. encourages scholarly inquiry from a wide variety of perspectives and methodologies
  3. promotes conditions that empower advisors as contributors of knowledge
  4. promotes research collaborations among stakeholders across roles and institutions
  5. fosters networking and partner research
  6. monitors the status of research being conducted and published in the field, and communicates this to the membership
  7. provides support, informational resources and guidance to those conducting and publishing research related to personal tutoring / academic advising or desiring to do so
  8. identifies critical areas for inquiry
  9. supports and provides formative feedback on applications for external research funding

Core Values

UKAT believes that personal tutoring/academic advising research should be:

  • accessible
  • enabling/empowering
  • ethical
  • scholarly
  • purposeful
  • collaborative (staff and students)
  • inclusive
  • student-centred

Strategic Responsibilities

The UKAT Research Committee will

  • provide opportunities for members to contribute to the scholarship of academic advising /personal tutoring
  • facilitate, support and guide members to contribute effectively to the scholarship of academic advising /personal tutoring
  • identify and support strategically significant areas of research and scholarship
  • provide opportunities to share the outcomes of research and scholarship within and beyond the association
  • ensure that all research and scholarship supported by UKAT is robust and is conducted ethically, fairly, transparently and in accordance with the normal conventions of academic research