Tutoring Matters is UKAT's series of professional webinars. They are presented by UKAT members and experts in the fields of academic advising and personal tutoring, and are a great resource for helping further your own professional learning. They are designed to support all those engaged with personal tutoring and advising, whether that be as a practitioner, leader or in a related support role. They will also act as key professional development for those undertaking tutoring and advising roles. Best of all, they are freely available to members and non-members alike.

Each year we run a regular series of Tutoring Matters seminars on a wide range of topics relevant to academic advising and personal tutoring. The Forthcoming Webinars list identifies all the webinars planned until the end of this calendar year, and provides detailed information about each webinar. Attendance at webinars is free to all but we do require participants to book a free place and numbers are limited to ensure an optimum technical performance and webinar experience for all. You will find a link enabling you to book a place in the the detailed description of each webinar in the Forthcoming Webinars list.

We also maintain an Archive of all past webinars, including a video recording of the webinar, transcripts of webinar chat sessions, presentation slides and other resources. The Webinar Archive provides a useful way to engage with previous webinars if you weren't able to engage with when they were first presented.