UKAT's vision is for every higher education student to experience effective personal tutoring and academic advising which personalises their learning and enables them to flourish.


UKAT mission is to advance effective personal tutoring and academic advising, transforming advising practice so that every higher education student can experience inclusiveness, wellbeing and personal growth, leading them to flourish and succeed. We support the development of staff and students throughout the learning journey by sharing resources, practicing scholarly inquiry, promoting partnership, fostering community, and espousing excellence in personal tutoring and academic advising practice.


UKAT seeks to be

Inclusive: UKAT is open, welcoming and accessible to all involved in supporting student success, including students themselves.

Collaborative: UKAT promotes partnerships across the higher sector, within institutions and with students, for the benefit of students, and for the benefit of the personal and professional development of advisors/tutors

Listening: UKAT actively seeks the voice of students, advisors/tutors and institutions to inform thinking on current issues and to help our members in supporting their students and institutional missions

Enabling: the UKAT community encourages and motivates advisors to improve their practice and work effectively with the diverse range of students they support

Scholarly: UKAT seeks to advance advisor/tutor skills and practices through engagement with evidence-informed approaches

Professional: UKAT seeks to recognise the importance of the advising/tutoring role, and to define the standards and values which underpin it, for the greater good of students, colleagues, institutions and higher education in general.

Student-Centred: Students are the reason why UKAT exists and are at the heart of everything that UKAT does