Out Now - The Higher Education Personal Tutor’s and Advisor’s Companion: Translating theory into practice to improve student success

This text provides a comprehensive collection of case studies in contemporary UK Higher Education Personal Tutoring and Academic Advising. 

Practitioners from across the sector translate the key themes, theories and concepts of the highly regarded Effective Personal Tutoring in Higher Education (2018), as well as additional areas of personal tutoring and academic advising, into real-world practice through case study narratives about how they have improved student learning and outcomes. How these have been implemented is explored through the insights they have gained from the experience.  

This text builds upon the editors’ 2018 book through real-world case studies which seek to support personal tutors and academic advisors. The aim is for practitioners to learn from each other, gain insights and help develop innovative ideas. The case studies are stories of practice written in an easily accessible style which help the reader to feel part of a community of learning. The editors pose critical thinking activities to help the reader reflect on how the learning can be translated into their own context.


Front cover image of Personal Tutor's and Advisor's Companion book

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