Rules of Membership

Equal Opportunity

Membership of the organisation and opportunities for leadership shall be open to all eligible individuals. There shall be no discrimination for reasons of religion, age, race or colour, gender, gender identity, gender expression, marital status, sexual orientation, national origin, disability or any other protected characteristic.

Categories of Membership

Individual Member

  1. Eligibility: Membership is open to individuals with interests in the goals of UKAT.
  2. Membership Procedure: Individuals shall become members in good standing upon payment of the annual membership fee.
  3. Rights of Membership: Members shall be eligible to vote, to attend Annual General Meetings, and are entitled to all the other privileges and benefits provided by the organisation. Members shall be entitled to stand for election to leadership positions within the organisation after they have been a member of the organisation for more than one year.

Responsibilities of Members

Members agree to uphold the values of UKAT, and to support the mission and goals of the organisation. Members agree to uphold the reputation of UKAT and the profession, and not act in a manner which brings either into disrepute.

Termination of Membership

A member may terminate their membership by

  1. In Writing: Indicating in writing their intent to cease membership of the organisation. Their membership will be deemed to have ceased at the next renewal date.
  2. Default of Membership Fee: Failure to pay the annual membership fee at within a reasonable period of the renewal date will result in membership being terminated.

Forced Termination: In the event of a member acting in a manner which brings UKAT or the profession into disrepute the UKAT Board may, at their discretion, terminate the member’s membership of the organisation with immediate effect. The member shall not be entitled to a refund on any membership fees paid.