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If your institution is a UKAT member institution, then you can register as a UKAT Affiliate Member free of charge. By becoming a UKAT Affiliate Member, you can gain direct access to all the member-only resources and information on our website, and you are also entitled to register as a member of any of the UKAT Special Interest Groups. We'll also add you to our announcements mailing list so that you get infrequent announcements about forthcoming important UKAT events (such as our Annual Conference and online events).

If you are a member of staff of one of the following institutions, you are entitled to apply to become a UKAT Affiliate Member at no cost.
See full Terms and Conditions.

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Our Member Institutions

* Please note: We use your email address to determine if you are associated with a UKAT member institution. If we are unable to identify your connection to a UKAT member institution, we will not register you as an Affiliate Member. Instead, we will create a guest account which allows you to access the UKAT website and book to attend UKAT events. You will not be granted access to member resources or SIG's, nor will you be added to the mailing list.

Under the Terms and Conditions of Affiliate Membership, you are entitled to access and share UKAT resources only within your institution, for as long as your institution remains a UKAT member and you remain employed by that institution. By registering as an Affiliate Member, you agree to be bound by these Terms.