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M306 Transformative Leadership of Advising




Learning Module


Online - Self-paced + tutorials

Learning Activity


The purpose of this module is to link transformational leadership theory (TL) to the practice of academic advising and tutoring. It takes a deep dive into the 4 I’s of transformational leadership (Idealized Influence, Inspirational Motivation, Intellectual Stimulation & Individualized Consideration) and connects those with the traits of academic advising, highlighting the similarities between transformational leadership theory and the practice of academic advising. By developing themselves as transformational leaders, academic advisors can students’ collegiate educational, professional, and personal goals.

What will you learn from engaging in this activity?

  • Understand what the transformational leadership 4I’s mean in the context of academic advising 
  • Help academic advisors develop skills using the 4I’s of transformational leadership 
  • Empower academic advisors to develop leadership traits through mutual responsibility 
  • Display how academic advisors can show professionalism in their work through transformational leadership 


What key concepts will you understand as a result of engaging in this activity?

  • The importance of transformational leadership in academic advising
  • The significance of relation between the 4I’s of transformational leadership and academic advising
  • Implications of transformational leadership on student learning

What essential questions will this activity address?

  • How can academic advisors develop as transformational leaders? 
  • What impact does transformational leadership have on student success? 
  • Which of the 4I’s resonate the most with advisors’ leadership style? 
Preliminary Learning

Before you engage in this activity, we recommend that you have studied these UKAT Curriculum activities, or attained equivalent experience.

UKAT Professional Framework Mapping

Framework Competencies Addressed


C2. Theory relevant to academic advising and tutoring 

C3. Academic advising and tutoring approaches and strategies 


R3. Motivate, encourage, and support students to recognize their potential, meet challenges, and respect individuality 

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