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M101 What is Personal Tutoring?




Learning Module


Online - Self-paced + tutorials

Learning Activity


This foundational module will help you to identify and define your own role and perspective on personal tutoring, taking into account common definitions, institutional expectations and your own personal motivation and goals.

The module will help you to set goals for their professional development and introduce the UKAT Professional Framework as a means of mapping an individual professional development trajectory.

In doing so, the modules also set an example of learner-centred personal tutoring/advising, which helps you to develop agency based on personal values and objectives within specific (institutional) contexts.

What will you learn from engaging in this activity?

  • Be familiar with common definitions of personal tutoring and academic advising
  • Articulate their own values and objectives as personal tutors
  • Identify the goals and expectations regarding personal tutoring of their institution
  • Be familiar with the UKAT Professional Framework
  • Formulate personal objectives for professional development
  • Identify modules from the UKAT Professional Curriculum that will help you achieve your professional development objectives

What key concepts will you understand as a result of engaging in this activity?

Personal tutoring is a professional field with a set of shared characteristics, based on definitions and tradition, for which common competencies have been defined; yet it occurs in a range of formats and practices, informed by institutional objectives and personal values.

Hence your objectives for professional development will be influenced or shaped by the interaction between these three organizing principles (common professional standards, institutional objectives and personal values).

What essential questions will this activity address?

  • What are key concepts in contemporary thinking about personal tutoring?
  • How does my institution view the role and purpose of personal tutoring?
  • What are my values and objectives in my role of being a personal tutor?
  • Which objectives for my professional development fit my own goals as well as the expectations or standard formulated or implied by my institution?
Follow-on Learning
Participating in this activity will prepare you to engage in these UKAT Curriculum activities.
UKAT Professional Framework Mapping

Framework Competencies Addressed

C1. Core values of academic advising and tutoring
C2. Theory relevant to academic advising and tutoring

I1. HE Provider mission, vision, values, and culture
I3. HE Provider policies, procedures, rules, and regulations

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