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M102 Setting Boundaries and Managing Expectations




Learning Module


Online - Self-paced + tutorials

Learning Activity


This course is about how to set boundaries and manage expectations for personal tutoring and about tutors knowing their limits. In doing this, there needs to be a clear understanding of the personal tutor role.

This course will help you to identify and establish appropriate boundaries and manage expectations during the tutor-tutee relationship to enable effective and supportive personal tutoring. Participants will be encouraged to share good practice with each other.

What will you learn from engaging in this activity?

  • Identify and establish appropriate boundaries for personal tutoring
  • Identify and manage expectations for personal tutoring
  • Know your own limits
  • Share good practice for setting boundaries and managing expectations for personal tutoring

What key concepts will you understand as a result of engaging in this activity?

To be an effective personal tutor it is important to establish clear boundaries. It is important to establish appropriate boundaries to create a positive and caring relationship. Setting boundaries and managing expectations is beneficial for both the tutee and tutor. Staff and Students should set mutual expectations. Boundaries and expectations will change and develop as a student progresses.

What essential questions will this activity address?

  • Why set boundaries and manage expectations?
  • What are appropriate boundaries and expectations?
  • How to set appropriate boundaries?
  • How to manage expectations?
  • What are the mutually agreed communication methods and contact points?
  • Should support be provided for both academic and personal development? Or simply academic development?
  • Should a personal tutor be a member of academic staff within the subject discipline of the student?
  • How to adapt personal tutoring to the needs of students and their progression as an undergraduate or postgraduate student?
Preliminary Learning

Before you engage in this activity, we recommend that you have studied these UKAT Curriculum activities, or attained equivalent experience.

UKAT Professional Framework Mapping

Framework Competencies Addressed

C4. Expected outcomes of academic advising and tutoring

R7. Collaborate effectively with campus services to provide support to students

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