Higher Education chatbot
and event management solutions.

  • Communicate with students one-to-one, across multiple channels, with our chatbot-enabled conversational marketing platform.
  • Run choreographed, repeatable and customized event playbooks with our visit experience platform.
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We’ve helped Higher Education institutions connect with over 6 million students worldwide.

Whether they’re capturing inquiries at recruitment fairs in far-flung corners of the globe, registering attendees on to campus tours, or helping freshmen navigate the new world of Higher Education, our customers trust us to help deliver a great experience for their students.

Trusted by...

  • GeckoEngage Student Event Management University of Cambridge
  • GeckoEngage College Data Capture University of St Andrews
  • GeckoEngage College Visit Software Sam Houston State University
  • GeckoEngage Higher Education Data Capture University of Toronto
  • GeckoEngage Student Engagement Platform University College London
  • GeckoEngage Higher Education Event Platform University of Edinburgh

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