UKAT Advising Journey Game

An image of the Advising Journey Game in play

Download the Advising Journey Game resources [207 MB]


The UKAT Advising Journey game is a card-based game and design tool which can be used to explore the creation of a structured, purposeful programme of personal tutoring interventions by considering students, their aspirations, and the experiences they have throughout their student journey.

The game is designed to be used a group of personal tutoring stakeholders (personal tutors, students, administrators, professional services staff, etc) and the purpose of the game is to get them to consider and discuss building an holistic programme of student support by considering the needs and experiences of students. We would suggest that you need at least three people in each group to facilitate rich conversations, and no more than ten in a group to ensure that all members have space to access the physical playing board.

What is Included

This resource contains:

  • Three timeline playing surfaces which address FHEQ levels 3 to 7, to enable you to explore the experience and design programmes of personal tutoring for students at all levels
  • One deck of Student Profile and Aspirations cards, used to generate the students you consider through the game
  • One deck of Student Experience cards which identifies typical experiences of students at different levels of study
  • One deck of Activities cards which suggest interactions, interventions and activities you can engage your students in and which may address one or more of the experiences from the Student Experience deck
  • A full set of playing instructions

Using the Resource

In order to use this resource you will need to download and print out the various components. The playing surfaces are designed to be printed at  A0. All cards are standard playing card size. The card decks contain front and rear images and are designed to be printed on standard playing card stock. In addition to printing the downloaded files, you will also need some coloured counters or marker in two different colours, and some blank playing cards.

If you are not able to print these resources yourself, UKAT can provide a physical copy of these resources at cost. As we print these to order, the price depends on the order volume and the prices charged by our supplier at time. Please contact if you would like more information about ordering a set.

Facilitated Design Workshops

We are very happy for you to download and use this resource as is. UKAT can also come to your institution to run a facilitated workshop based around this game. If you want to use this resource with staff across your institution, we recommend engaging UKAT to run one workshop with a small group of staff to train your colleagues in its use before running your own internal workshops using the game. 

Please contact if you would like more information about our facilitated workshops.


Download the Advising Journey Game resources [207 MB]