All tutees are ‘personal’ … not just personal tutees

Nevin Bayoumi-Stefanovic (University of Greenwich)
Six student panellists

Monday, April 8, 2024 10:00 AM - 10:45 AM

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Session Outline

This session aims to do the following:

- Use the lens of compassionate teaching to understand how it is possible for a subject tutor to create an environment of safety , engagement and trust between students and themselves whereby both the teacher and student feel free to engage as themselves

- Use the above to show how the ‘personal tutor-tutee’ relationship can be multiplied by a large factor through educating students on a subject but communicating with them using a PERSONAL tutoring approach…... and hence impact that students may feel since the tutor has the advantage of seeing the students week in and week out during the term, which a personal tutor often does not

- Clear examples will be given of how and when this can happen, and the small mind shift needed to allow the tutor to be open to doing so

- Illustrate to any Pracademics in the audience how ‘we’ are particularly well placed to show a level of vulnerability which then allows us to access our compassionate delivery of teaching.

This session addresses the following competencies of the UKAT Professional Framework for Advising and Tutoring
R1 - Build advising and tutoring relationships through empathetic listening and compassion for students, and be accessible in ways that challenge, support, nurture, and teach
R2 - Communicate in an inclusive and respectful manner
R3 - Motivate, encourage, and support students to recognize their potential, meet challenges, and respect individuality