Collaboration in Action: Building a future provision for Personalised Support

Ann McManus (Cardiff University)
Angharad Naylor (Cardiff University)

Tuesday, April 9, 2024 11:30 AM - 12:15 PM

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Session Outline


This workshop will explore and evaluate how an institutional approach to collaboration can contribute to the development and alignment of support structures to enhance the student experience.

It will provide an overview of the ongoing Personalised Support Project at Cardiff University which seeks to introduce enhancements to Personal Tutoring Support at Cardiff to build a robust and agile framework to meet the needs of current and emerging student cohorts.

The Project has drawn upon a range of collaborative opportunities, including internal and external evidence gathering which have provided a platform to review common current practice, and scope potential models of delivery.

The workshop will share our internal findings; results of a survey shared via UKAT; and provide an opportunity for continued collaboration. It will allow participants to focus on the following areas and questions which have emerged in our scoping activities:

• Understanding the student cycle: How can institutions prepare to support students? When and what type of support is needed and preferred? What should future support structures consider? How can data and technology be used to support students?

• Embedding collaboration: How does your HEI work collaboratively to support students? How are the student and staff voices embedded? Are there any challenges or gaps and how can we plan for these?

• Building a future state: How can we future-proof personalised support and how can alignment between support structures and teams within an institution ensure that we meet the needs of emerging student cohorts?

The workshop will involve opportunities to collaborate in action through digital activities and small group discussions. There will be opportunities to share practice, experience, and challenges on key thematic areas such as, student voice and co-creation; current and future drivers for enhancement; the use of data to support students; and enabling success for all students.

Through this we hope to provide a basis for participants to identify how collaboration can benefit the staff and student experience as we continue to design and enhance current and future support services around the ever-changing needs of our diverse student body.

Learning Outcomes:

• To identify collaborative approaches and practice between key stakeholders which can transform and enhance the student experience of personalised support

• To develop approaches and ideas which will enable collaborative practice to be embedded into support structures to close the support loop

Link to themes:

• Will reference the 5 spotlight themes, focusing on collaboration between academic, professional services and the student voice

• Will promote the benefit of internal and external collaboration for enhancement of the student and staff experience

This session addresses the following competencies of the UKAT Professional Framework for Advising and Tutoring
C3 - Academic advising and tutoring approaches and strategies
P1 - Create and support environments that consider the needs and perspectives of students, and respect individual learners
I6 - Campus and community resources that support student success