Let's Be Playful - Mapping the Student Journey with Students and Advisors at Your University

David Grey (UKAT)
Hugh Mannerings (UKAT)
Majella Votta (University of Maastricht)
Lena Gromotka (University of Maastricht)
Iris Burks (University of Maastricht)
Sally Laurie (University of Northampton)
Elizabeth Volkes (University of Northampton)

Tuesday, April 9, 2024 9:00 AM - 10:45 AM

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Session Outline

Play Your Way to Better Advising!

How well do you know the student journey? How can you improve your advising skills and practice? How can you have fun while learning from your peers and students?

Join us for a playful, interactive session where you will experience two different games that will challenge you to think, reflect, and collaborate on the student journey and the advising process.

First, you will play the Student Journey Game, a creative tool that lets you explore the student experience from different perspectives, developed and presented by Iris Burks, Majella Votta, and Lena Gromotka from Maastricht University.

Next, you will participate in the UKAT Advising Journey Game, a game that helps you identify the key elements of effective advising, developed and presented by Hugh Mannerings and David Grey.

In both games, you will be joined by student delegates who will share their authentic insights and feedback on the student journey and the advising they receive.

These games are not only fun, but also valuable for policymakers, educators, and students who want to enhance the student journey and the advising practice. You will leave the session with practical tips and ideas from our experience playing the games with students and advisors at various universities. And you will be inspired to use playful methods to enrich your understanding of the student journey and your role as an advisor.

Don’t miss this opportunity to play, learn, and connect with your fellow delegates and students. Come and be playful with us!

This session addresses the following competencies of the UKAT Professional Framework for Advising and Tutoring
C1 - Core values of academic advising and tutoring
C4 - Expected outcomes of academic advising and tutoring
C5 - How equitable and inclusive environments are created and maintained
R4 - Plan and conduct successful advising and tutoring interactions
P1 - Create and support environments that consider the needs and perspectives of students, and respect individual learners
P2 - Appreciate students’ views and cultures, maintain a student-centred approach and mindset, and treat students with sensitivity and fairness