Personal Academic Tutor Lead role: bridging the gap between Nursing and Midwifery, practice and education

Sophie Layfield (University of Worcester)

Monday, April 8, 2024 10:00 AM - 10:45 AM

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Session Outline


1. By the end of the workshop participants will understand how and why UW implemented the lead PAT role and what were the strategies for implementation

2. Participants will gain an understanding of how the lead PAT role can unify departments which incorporate different courses

3. Participants will gain clarity about the roles and responsibilities of the lead PAT position and how it could be implemented successfully within their department and University


This session will firstly outline the role of the lead PAT at UW which has been organically developed and discuss the many benefits of integrating this role. The session will include

the strategies implemented by the lead PAT for Nursing and Midwifery. It will highlight some of the challenges of implementing the lead PAT role within healthcare courses which often present unique challenges. Some of the challenges include large student numbers, integrating the PAT role whilst students are out on placement and increasing student engagement with PAT tutorials. Additionally the PAT role is often utilised by students to gain pastoral support rather than academic support and the nature of most academics within the department also means the PAT can become a counsellor or confidant.

The session will include '10 top tips for implementing the lead PAT role' and give participants a springboard to start their discussions as part of the workshop.

The workshop element of the session will get participants exploring ways of how the lead PAT role could be implemented firstly within their programme, then their department, then their University. It will allow participants the opportunity to explore how the PAT role can create professional bridges between courses, developing communication and sharing of ideas. The PAT role can also act as a bridge between practice and theory being the golden thread within a programme to support students.

This session addresses the following competencies of the UKAT Professional Framework for Advising and Tutoring
C3 - Academic advising and tutoring approaches and strategies
P4 - Understand the implications of quality assurance and quality enhancement, and engage in on-going evaluation and development of advising and tutoring practice
I3 - HE Provider policies, procedures, rules, and regulations