The UKAT Equity and Inclusion SIG aim to provide a space for personal tutors and academic advisors to reimagine advising and visualise its potentiality for transformation by putting theory to practice, promoting epistemically-just scholarship and increasing professional development opportunities that align with principles of equity. The Equity and Inclusion SIG acknowledges that we inhabit an inequitable world and that effective advising and tutoring depend on empowerment and praxis principles, which respect and engage students’ varied perspectives and backgrounds. Therefore, advisors and tutors have an ethical responsibility to contribute to student success by identifying and implementing equitable and inclusive practices. The SIG recognises the potential of advising and tutoring to intentionally champion equitable and inclusive Higher Education institutions in ways that ensure students’ development of a sense of authentic belonging.


Any member interested in exploring how personal tutoring and academic advising can support students from diverse student populations and improve outcomes for all.


The aims of this Special Interest Group are to:

  • Foster a community of practice around equity and inclusion in Higher Education
  • Develop culturally-sustaining advising and tutoring that embrace intersectionality-informed transformative praxis.
  • Promote relational equity and epistemic justice
  • Share good practice for creating equitable and inclusive learning environments
  • Offer professional development opportunities
  • Encourage advising and tutoring that enable students’ development of a sense of authentic academic and social belonging to HE
  • Develop equity-based scholarly work and action-oriented initiatives

Forthcoming Events and Activities

SIG Meet and Greet

July 2022


Group meetings

3 x annually


Activity Report

March 2023

Written Report


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Josephine Gabi

Manchester Metropolitan University