This group is for anyone interested in supporting postgraduate students. This level of higher education provision is often overlooked in terms of ensuring provision is relevant and useful to masters students. We are hoping to begin useful conversations about the issues relevant to this level of study and how best to support students taking taught postgraduate studies.


This group is for anyone teaching, course leader or leading taught postgraduate provision who is interested in discussing the issues and ways forward in developing academic advising for taught postgraduate students.


We have experience in working with postgraduate students or an interest in postgraduate provision. We recognise that post graduate students are often overlooked in terms of the literature, policies and focus of higher education. We intend to draw on peer working models of support and learning to share our practice and to support us in a combined effort to challenge our institutions and the sector to step up in developing and enhancing academic advising for PGT students, courses and staff.


  1. By meeting regularly and celebrating/sharing existing practice and research.
  2. By being courageous in our sharing of problems and barriers we are experiencing in terms of PGT AA work.
  3. Up to now much professional space has extolled an expert led knowing. We intend to quest for an authentic practice voice and space in relation to PGT AA and an honest not knowing; to encourage us to explore out of our comfort zone
  4. Sharing and supporting each other to see, recognise and fill the knowledge gaps in between the academic advising/personal tutoring arena and the PGT educational literature including supporting students, employability, institutional and sector issues.


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Claire Spencer

University of Bristol

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Jane Fearon

Sheffield Hallam University