Lauren Hall, a student from York St John University, recently attended the 2021 UKAT Annual Conference. In this piece, she reflects on her learning from the conference and on a presentation which really stood out to her about how personal tutoring can really benefit all students, but especially those with learning disabilities.

Student Engagement is key to student retention and success in Higher Education. Whilst engaging in educationally purposeful activities is not essential to academic success (Kuh et al 2006), in-class involvement has been shown to be critical to the students’ experience of success (Tinto, 2012). Within the UKAT Student Engagement SIG we take a broad definition of student engagement, embracing engagement with programme, their studies and personal academic tutoring. We consider how we as tutors and education providers can design programmes of activities that students can see the benefit of engaging with.

Do you love your students? That might seem like an odd question, and not one we often stop to consider, but perhaps we should? Personal tutoring operates differently in different institutions, and even in different areas of the same institution. In recent years I’ve been intrigued by how we define personal tutoring as no one unified definition exists. At the 2020 UKAT Conferenc ...

The Personal Tutoring for International Students SIG aims to create a professional network of personal tutors working to understand the issues, concerns and challenges of working with overseas students. In this BLOG Lousa Hill and Maria Hussain explain their SIG in more detail.